Nutty Fruit 🍎 Salad 🍌


Ripped Banana 🍌 – chopped- 1 cup

Apple – chopped- 1 cup

(You can use any kind of apple. I chose Red apple 🍎)

Boiled Milk – One cup

Almonds/ Badam – Finely chopped- 1 tb sp

Cashew nuts – Β Finely chopped – 1 tb sp

Golden Raisins – Finely chopped – 1 tb sp

Honey – 2 tb sp


  • Add chopped banana and apple in a bowl
  • Next add nutty-nuts finely chopped Badam/ Almonds, Cashew nuts and Golden raisins
  • Mix it together with spoon
  • Add 1 tb sp of honey in it and mix it well
  • Rest it for 5 minutes . So that the sweetness of honey absorbs by fruits
  • Finally add milk and mix it well
  • Β Don’t add hot milk. Milk must be cold
  • Next add 1 tb sp of honey on of the fruit salad
  • Nutty fruit salad is ready to serve
  • Have it in morning as a breakfast or evening salad


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