Dosa Batter/ South Indian pancake Batter


Rice – 2 cups

Urad Dal/ Mennapappu – 1/2 cup

Pressed rice/ attukullu – 2 tb sp

Sago/Saggubiyam – 2 tb sp

Menthi/ Fenugreek seeds – 1 tb sp

Sugar – 1 tb sp

Salt – 1/2 tb sp ( If required u can add more salt )


  1. In a deep bigger bowl add rice, urad dal, Pressed rice, sago/ saggubiyam , Menthi/ fenugreek seeds
  2. Wash twice with water and drain
  3. Soak all together by adding fresh water in it. Add one to two liters of water to soak them completely
  4. Why I am adding Menthi/ Fenugreek seeds, Pressed rice and Sago/ Saggubiyam ???
  5. Ans: To make my dosa’s soft, crisp and golden brown color
  6. Soak up to 6 hours
  7. After that add one to two cups of soaked mixture in mixer grinder with 1/2 cup of water in it
  8. Repeat the same process till completes
  9. Now transfer this batter into another big bowl add salt and sugar in it. Mix it well
  10. Rest the batter by covering with a plate on it for 8 to 10 hours to ferment
  11. After 8 hours the batter puffs up and doubles in size
  12. My advice: Transfer batter in a big bowl because the batter doubles in size
  13. Mix well the batter before using it
  14. You must add pinch of baking soda in your batter before preparing Dosa πŸ˜€
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